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Roseluck by Camyllea Roseluck :iconcamyllea:Camyllea 121 13 Best plait by Cheerfulcolors Best plait :iconcheerfulcolors:Cheerfulcolors 93 3 A VERY Hungry Pinkamena by RoboCop17 A VERY Hungry Pinkamena :iconrobocop17:RoboCop17 71 6 Pinkie Kat? by RoboCop17 Pinkie Kat? :iconrobocop17:RoboCop17 61 5 Pinkie Heart Power by RoboCop17 Pinkie Heart Power :iconrobocop17:RoboCop17 104 5 Through the forest by MinosUa Through the forest :iconminosua:MinosUa 34 5 Trixie Happy Holidays by iMoshie Trixie Happy Holidays :iconimoshie:iMoshie 286 22 Ponytail Rarity [Animated] by iMoshie Ponytail Rarity [Animated] :iconimoshie:iMoshie 217 8 Twilight (Different Mane) by Sunshineshiny Twilight (Different Mane) :iconsunshineshiny:Sunshineshiny 487 50
My Little MMD
My first Youtube Video
MLP meets Ureshii!
Babs Seed/Babs Wolf
Sweetie Belle
Motion link: (You should also check out her other videos, they're amazing!
All models (c) GirlAnimePrincess, I just changed Babs's appearance (*cough*BabsWolf*cough)
The Motion is (c) to the wonderful Ureshiiiiii
All characters (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Song is (c) The GAZETTE
I only own the video, no more, no less
:iconswordmaster200:Swordmaster200 1 14
Again, I need help :( plz
Remember a while ago, when I wrote this journal about how I lost a lot of my fimo material and a lot of money along with it?
In case you don't here's a reminder: 
I hoped by then things would change, that I'd be able to get back the money without losing any... It would seem that I'm wrong as usual...
I've been participating to cons for almost a year now and, though I've not earned much, I gained some sort of a good reputation and friends call me to participate to 'cons and events. I had expenses but I also had some entries... 'Til now.
A friend said we'd be participating the 11th of July to an event close to my house where I would've been able to sell my stuff as well as organize the area and the people in it. I was thrilled, truly, I was so happy and I didn't even know where to start.
Yesterday we had a reunion with the people who own the place and who decided to make the event and what do we discover? That none of the people who'll be there, myself inclu
:iconreddish-muse:REDDISH-MUSE 0 33
Against the darkness (2)
They trotted back to the library despondently. "What should we do now?", Twilight asked, "Nightmare Moon is certainly stronger than back in the days, since she already knows how we could defeat her." "It may sound funny, but why do we not simply get the elements and our friends and defeat her?" replied Applejack . "This is probably our only chance," sighed Twilight .
"Yikes, how does it look like here?" Applejack was surprised by the Chaos inside the Golden Oak, "you were sorting books again?" She smiled. Twilight did not answer, but looked frantically in the display case in which usually the Elements of Harmony should be located. "That can not be ... that can not be true ... they're gone! Nightmare Moon! She took the elements!" "Are you sure? They can be around here anywhere." said the apple Pony, who not really wanted to take the whole thing seriously. "Not the elements!", Twilight almost shouted, "The elements are never in disarray! ... Well, except for that one time when I made you
:iconsilberhase:silberhase 4 0
King Sombra by Ligvin King Sombra :iconligvin:Ligvin 26 4
Arriving in Ponyville
Arriving in Ponyville
It was a beautiful day in Ponyville and everypony was awakening by the Celestia sun. So, the ponies start on their work or just having fun. In Twilight’s kingdom, Princess Twilight starts reading on one of her favorite books. In Rarity’s Bouquet, Rairty was working on her fabulous design for more upcoming gala parties, while Spike help her with some of the work and Spike was really happy to help her. In Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash starts working on her new moves to impress with the Wonderbolts. In Fluttershy’s cottage, Fluttershy and her woodland creatures, including Discord having tea and cakes. Discord was very happy that Fluttershy and the others accept his apology and became great friends. In Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie as usual, planning parties and help Mr and Mrs. Cake on cake order. As long as Pinkie doesn’t eat all the goods. In Sweet Apple Acres, the Apple Family started apple bucking, so they can make more apple pie and lots more f
:iconjamesthunder:JamesThunder 13 25
Merry christmas for every ponies!!! by fajnyziomal Merry christmas for every ponies!!! :iconfajnyziomal:fajnyziomal 32 0
As most long-time members of this group will know, I usually create a new folder whenever some new villain turns up in one of the show's two-part episodes. However, while there was indeed such a villain this year in the form of the Pony of Shadows, that particular folder will also be used for art regarding Starswirl the Bearded and the other ancient Pillar characters, such as Mistmane and Meadowbrook. The reason being that all these characters are largely associated with each other now, so I decided to give them all the same folder.

So, if anyone here has art of Starswirl, Stygian, the Pony of Shadows or the rest of that ancient ensemble, the folder is just below the recent "Movie Characters" one.
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Hello. I've started a commission and I'm looking for someone who is interested. I use vector programs. I can create accurate style show and lineless art. You may visit my profile for information and art examples.
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